About Me

My name is Kristina and I am 25 years old. Born and Raised in Denver, Colorado, and proud to call it home! I "technically" have 3 kids, but "literally" 2. My middle child and son passed away at 3 months old from what "they" call SIDS... Though i'm not sure if anyone knows what it truly is yet or what to call it. I am now left with 2 beautiful, CRAZY girls! Without them I am nothing... I currently attend Empire Beauty School to become a licensed Cosmtologist, I graduate at the end of this week 7/13/12 and I couldn't be more excited!!! =)

I have always been into poetry, writing, keeping journals, etc so i don't know why it's taken me so long to start a Blog... Here it goes! =)

My Babies Alyssa my oldest, and Khloe my Terrible Two year old! lol

My Baby Boy Landon Ray 4.02.08-6.20.08

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